PsiNorm: A fast, efficient and free open-source software for interpreting, reporting and archiving neuropsychological test results

Yavuz AYHAN, Bilal Bahadır AKBULUT, Aybüke Handan ŞİŞMAN, Berge VELİBAŞOĞLU
2022 33(4): 255-262
DOI: 10.5080/u26267
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Objective: In many clinics, calculation and interpretation of
neuropsychological test results, along with reporting, data organization
and archiving of the data are done manually. In this era where most of
the similar processes are automated, manual application may result in
excessive time consumption, unnecessary use of qualified work-force,
and is also open to error. A software that automates these processes for
neuropsychological tests used for dementia assessment may overcome
these issues.
Method: We aimed to develop a free, open source software not requiring
specialized training, which would optimise the calculation, preparation
of personal reports and archiving processes of neuropsychological tests,
hence would easily be incorporated in to the daily work of psychologists.
We’ve used Python 3.6 as the programming language, and JSON was
used as the data interchange format to allow for personal alterations in
the content. The tests were selected among those which are in common
use for neuropsychological evaluation of adults in Turkey, with available
norm values. (Funding: TUBITAK 214S048).
Results: PsiNorm was developed, comprising widely used standardized
tests for cognitive evaluation of adults in Turkey. The software is
lightweight, compatible with most common operating systems, and
easy-to-use. We’ve shown that Psinorm significantly reduced the time
required for calculation of percentiles and norms as well as for producing
a draft report. The reports are prepared in .txt format and the databases
are prepared in MS Excel ve CSV formats. PsiNorm is available freely
at psinorm.org.
Conclusion: PsiNorm is a free, open-source software which is available
for researchers and clinicians who perform neuropsychological tests.
PsiNorm provides significant time and labor-force benefits, is easy-touse
and can be customized by the user.
Keywords: Neuropsychological tests, software, dementia, psychometrics,
cognitive dysfunction