A Review of Studies on the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Psychological Effects of Related Measures on Children, Youth and Parents

Burcu ALTIN , Gülsen ERDEN
2023 34(3): 202-214
DOI: 10.5080/u25936
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Pandemics are social events that affect individuals’ lives in many ways
and have a significant impact on the mental health of masses. Pandemics
and measures taken to combat these epidemics affect children and young
people as well as adults. The purpose of the current review is to compile
studies that have been conducted on the psychological effects of the
COVID-19 pandemic and related measures on children, youth, and
parents, and use the findings to shed light on future studies. In this review,
35 studies that were determined as a result of a comprehensive search in
relevant literature were examined. It was observed that the aforementioned
studies noted that the COVID-19 global pandemic and the measures
taken to combat the epidemic (e.g., quarantine, lockdown, and school
closures) had negative psychological effects on children, young people,
and parents. Problems observed in children and young people, such as the
fear of catching or transmitting the virus, getting bored, not being able to
communicate enough with friends and teachers, and problems observed
in parents, such as the troubles of negative repercussions of working at
home or unemployment and difficulties in communicating with children
with the closure of schools, are only a few to name these negative effects.
The reviewed studies were discussed taking their limitations into account.
Recommendations were made for future studies and intervention
programs to be planned for community mental health.
Keywords: COVID-19, children and youth, parents, pandemic,