Clinical Characteristics, Comorbid Medical Diagnoses, and Causes of Death of Individuals with Severe Mental Illness Who Died During Follow-up in Community Mental Health Centers: A Multicenter, Retrospective Study

Dursun Hakan DELİBAŞ, Memduha AYDIN, Tülay SATI-KIRKAN, Elif Gülşah OĞUZ, Umut KARASU, Yasemin ŞİMŞEK, Canan KILIÇ, Seda KIRCI-ERCAN, Adem BAYRAKÇI, Anıl TALAS-ÖZÇİMEN, Süleyman GÜNDÜZ, Arda YEŞİL, Mustafa YILDIZ
2021 32(4): 246-252
DOI: 10.5080/u25685
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Objective: In this study, it was aimed to define the clinical characteristics,
causes of death, disease and treatment of patients who died while being
followed for severe mental illness.
Method: The study was carried out in ten community mental health
centers from six provinces. The clinical characteristics, causes of death,
course of the illness and treatment characteristics of the patients who had
a death report from the date the community mental health centers were
opened until the start date of the study were analyzed by retrospective
file scanning method.
Results: In an average of 52 months, files of 3715 patients were examined.
There were death declarations for 106 patients. The diagnosis of most
patients with death declarations was schizophrenia (78%), most of them
were male (66%), mean age was 57, mean disease duration was 24 years.
The rate of multiple antipsychotic medication use was 61%. The most
common comorbidities were metabolic syndrome (36%), hypertension
(22%), diabetes (18%) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(15%). The most frequently reported causes of death were cardiovascular
diseases (39%), infectious diseases (14%) and cancer (11%).
Conclusion: Individuals with severe mental illness followed up in
community mental health centers are mostly die due to preventable
natural causes of death. Therefore, a sensitive approach should be taken
to evaluate psychiatric and other medical conditions together. In our
country, there is a need for natural follow-up studies investigating the
average age of death and causes of death of individuals with severe
mental illness.